Blueberry Engineering is a Multi discipline Engineering Firm providing Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Engineering services for existing and new residential and commercial buildings in California since 2008. For any inquiry, please contact us here.


Blueberry Engineering Services

  • MEP Design and Engineering for Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects

  • MEP design and Title24 for Commercial Tenant Improvements.

  • MEP design and Energy Calculations for Custom Designed Homes.

  • MEP Design and Energy Calculations for Apartment Buildings.

  • MEP design and Title-24 Calculations foe new and existing Office Buildings

  • Electrical Emergency Power system design for School Districts.

  • MEP Design and Title-24 Calculations for Restaurants and Coffee shops.


Electrical Services

  • Power distribution system design and electrical utility interfaces.

  • Electrical Interior and Exterior design as well as Photometric diagrams.

  • Emergency Power and Lighting System Design.

  • Electrical Load Calculations and Single Line Diagrams.

  • Short Circuit Calculations.

  • Arc Flash Studies and Label Making.

  • Conduit and Cable Routing and Sizing

  • Electrical Grounding System Designs.

  • Control and Automation System Designs.

Electrical Engineering Services , Blueberry Eng.

Electrical Engineering Services , Blueberry Eng.


Plumbing Services

  • Sanitary Waste, Vent Piping Systems Design.

  • Domestic Water System Calculations and Design.

  • Gas System Piping sizing, Calculations and Design.

  • Piping Isometric diagrams.

  • Hydraulic Calculations.

Plumbing Engineering Services , Blueberry Eng.

Plumbing Engineering Services , Blueberry Eng.


Mechanical Services

  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air Distribution systems Design and Calculations.

  • HVAC systems Duct Sizing and Design.

  • Exhaust Fan, Make-up Air and Air Balance Calculations.

  • Boiler and Chiller System Design.

Mechanical Engineering Services , Blueberry Eng.

Mechanical Engineering Services , Blueberry Eng.


Title-24 Energy calculation

  • Prescriptive and Performance Title-24 Energy Calculations:

  • Residential and Commercial Building Envelop Title-24 Calculations. 

  • Electrical Title-24 Calculations


Premium MEP Services

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